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Macintyre’s is recognised as the premier place in Edinburgh for Nail care. Currently working at Macintyre we have the Scottish Nail technician of the year for fiber-glass and Silk Nails and the nail technician of the year for Acrylic nails.

Our nail technicians are specially trained to advise on natural nail problem and to suggest products to help them grow long, strong and naturally beautiful.

We can also offer the most advanced fiber-glass and silk nail system from back scratchers and creative nail design for acrylic and gel.

If it is grooming for your feet you are looking for why not try a sp-pedicure. An experience for the feet that will relax the whole body.

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FULL SET OF NAIL EXTENSIONS (Fiberglass, Silk, Gel, or Acrylic) (Including Tips)Backscratchers fibreglass/ silk nail systems were developed in the USA to create a complete set of nail. It was the first of its kind. Beautiful shaped long or short with a healthy gloss. Your Nails can look perfect with or without nail polish. The system causes no damage to the nail bed and is light and flexible and comfortable to wear.2 hrsHead Technician Senior Technician£65.00 £49.50
OVERLAYSTo strengthen and lengthen the natural nail when your natural nail is to your desired length the fibreglass is used to strengthen your nail.1 hrHead Technician Senior Technician£55.00 £49.50
EXPRESS MANICUREGeneral tidy, nourishing oil, nail shape and perfect polish application. A speedy service for ladies on the run.20 mins£17.50
FRENCH MANICUREMousturising treatment for hands and nails with nail shaping and cuticle work and perfect polish application.45 mins£27.50
SHELLAC (Removal & Reapplied Shellac)Shellac is for people who want to maintain their natural nails. It goes on like a polish, wears like a gel, and acts like an armour coating with an amazing shine that lasts and lasts.45 mins 60 mins£35.00 £40.00
SPA MANICURE (with thermal mittens)Clients relish in the experience as your hands are bathed, exfoliated and massaged with a perfect polish application.45 mins£35.00
SPA PEDICUREAfter soaking your feet in a special cleansing and softening solution we carefully clip and shape your nails, push back cuticles and gently remove rough and calloused skin, moisturising foot massage, then a perfect polish application.45min£40.00
MAINTENANCERe-balance the new growth area of the natural nail and general tidy-up of a full set essential to keep your nails looking and feeling great month after month, year after year.1 hrHead Technician Senior Technician£40.00 £35.00
SINGLE NAIL REPAIRFor that odd nail out or to mend snagging or torn nail.15 minsFROM £5.00
FRENCH POLISH (fingers or toes)20 mins£12.00
GENTS MANICURE20 mins£14.50
REMOVAL & MANICURE30 mins£25.00